Stewards of the Earth Facilitating Global Oneness

Organizing with fellow stewards of the earth and promotors of global oneness that are living and creating for The Highest Good of All is making sense to more and more people. In support of this, we believe international cooperation and development is possible if open source and mainstream implementable strategies for sustainable development, infrastructure, and fulfilled living are combined. Non-profit leadership to demonstrate and open source free-share the blueprints people need, and building and helping others build sustainable living eco-communities, is our purpose and mission to better:

● Inspire people to duplicate everywhere the sustainability models we provide
● Evolve and simplify green building technologies and modular eco-community components
● Provide needed education and sustainability resources to help the world demystify the process
● Do our part in uniting the world by connecting all those interested in The Highest Good of All



Our four-phase strategy for creating and implementation of the above as inspiring sustainability models operating for The Highest Good of All is what we believe will provide the motivation, roadmap, demonstration, and non-profit leadership in the building of sustainable villages that will not only be model solutions, but generators of additional solution-creating models. Started and organized by One Community, these villages (and eventually cities) will supply the on-going research, examples and blueprints, and necessary support for successively easier and more affordable and creative duplication everywhere.


successful sustainability models, expanding sustainability, anne frank quote, improve the world, sustainable communitiesWe believe creating successful sustainability models that will be duplicated by the mainstream public is maximized by our ability to engage and inspire people to work with us and together. Our foundations for accomplishing this is free-sharing everything we do and making it easy to duplicate while engaging like-minded people around the world to participate. With this approach we are thinking and creating in the interest and support of international cooperation and development through uniting the world in a common cause of best practice sustainability for The Highest Good of All. We believe it is this approach that will be capable of leading humanity to the new Golden Age where sustainable communities and fulfilled living for The Highest Good of All are commonplace.


Our foundational strategy for sustainable global development is the on-going demonstration, simplification, and open source free-sharing of as many modular strategies for sustainable development as possible. These strategies include the following foundational components:


For a more detailed version of this page please visit the mirror of this page on our Open Source One Community Blueprint site.

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