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One Community’s Pledge

The One Community Highest Good of All Pledge is 14 core values and 46 questions we use as our foundation for facilitating a global shift to a world that works for everyone.


For The Highest Good of All is our #1 value. It is conscientious stewardship defined by us as non-dogmatic and specifically and simultaneously good for people, business, and the planet. (Click here for the complete page.) Love and Connection teaching honesty, teaching integrity, teaching ethics, ethical teaching, honest teaching, One Community school, One Community education, teaching strategies for life, curriculum for life, One Community, transformational education, open source education, free-shared education, eco-education, curriculum for life, strategies of leadership, the ultimate classroom, teaching tools for life, for the highest good of all, Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio, 8 Intelligences, Bloom's Taxonomy, Orff, our children are our future, the future of kids, One Community kids, One Community families, education for life, transformational living evolving sustainability, negative-waste living social equality and justice, celebrating diversity, diversity as a value, celebrating diversity Communication, communicating, Highest Good society open source, open source sustainability, open source world community contribution, a new way of living, time as your only currency, transforming life as we know it consensus governing, conscious governing, enlightened governing, consensus for groups, achieving consensus, operating consensus a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving life True Community, how to build community, facilitating global community, community building, for The Highest Good of All, One Community, a new way to live, a new way of living, open source world, creating world change, One Community, 40+ tips for community making, One Community Freedom Culture of personal growth and improvement


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A clear and agreed-upon set of world-changing values is essential to accomplishing world-changing goals. This pledge consists of the values and related values questions that we have found as most important and beneficial to actively creating positive global change for the benefit of all people and all life on this planet.

Every core team member of One Community signs this pledge. Signing this pledge is our agreement to use the questions below, and the values as defined here and in more depth on the individual pages, as the compass for all our decision making. This helps us help each other “be the change we want to see in the world” through remembering and implementing these values on a personal and group level every day. Through this, we collectively maintain our focus on the purpose, values, and mission of One Community and our most essential value and philosophy: living and creating for The Highest Good of All.

Visit our Overview page to learn about how and what we are creating by thinking and operating this way:


Human Needs Quote, Deepak Chopra Quote, Each of us is a unique strand



As members of One Community, and being the change we wish to see in the world, we pledge to do our best, and give and receive feedback, on practicing One Community’s definition and application of the following values and associated questions:

~ The Highest Good of All ~ 

We agree to living and creating for The Highest Good of All. This is our highest value and includes seeking collaborative solutions that embrace diverse perspectives and create win-win-win solutions for individuals, groups, and the planet. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can we best align this decision with all of our values?
  • How can we create the most “winning” situations for all involved and/or affected?
  • How can we make this decision even more solution-focused, coming from loving, and designed for maximum positive impact?

~ Open Source Progress ~

We agree to forwarding Open Source contribution to global progress. This includes freely sharing our ideas, creations, and concepts with our fellow humans and making what we share as easy as possible to duplicate and modify. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can we make this even easier for others to duplicate?
  • How can we make this even easier for others to customize/modify?
  • How can we make this even easier for others to also contribute collaboratively to it?

~ Sustainability ~

We agree to living in a manner that is Sustainably Sustainable. This includes living in a proactive, regenerative, coexisting manner that supports cooperation, longevity, responsibility, and conservation by open-mindedly considering the short and long-term effects of our decisions on us as individuals, on One Community, and on our planet and all its life forms. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

~ Communication ~

We agree to use effective Communication. This includes using ownership language, regular giving and receiving of feedback, seeking to understand and then be understood, and proactive, open, and timely responses. In decision making with One Community, this means committing to also asking ourselves and others the following four key questions:

~ Community ~

We agree to consciously co-create True Community. This includes cooperative creation for The Highest Good of All while being our most loving, open, and authentic selves, honoring others, and supporting constant growth in ourselves and each other. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can this promote and help create True Community even more?
  • How can this be even more inclusive and considerate of all One Community members?
  • How can this be even more inclusive and considerate of all members of our global Community?

~ Consensus/Decision Making ~

We agree to effectively and positively contribute to the decision making process. This includes asking all of the questions in this pledge with a commitment to equality, open and respectful communication, and creative solutions in a maximally empowered and effective group creative process. We have read and understand One Community’s Path to Consensus page, the Consensus Decision Making page, and the Large-scale Consensus page and know consensus requires specific training and screening and agree to attend this training before becoming a part of the consensus process on the property. In decision making with One Community, we ask ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can we make this decision making process even more efficient and effective for all?
  • How can we ensure all viewpoints have been fully expressed, heard, and addressed while still moving forward?
  • How can we step outside of personal preferences to use One Community’s values and Highest Good of All thinking even more?

~ Contribution ~

We agree to a commitment of Contribution. This includes, on the most basic level, being responsible for a minimum of 5 tangible weekly hours plus weekly team calls now, and 40 weekly hours once we are on the property. Related to our global goals, this means sustaining and growing One Community and our ever-evolving tools, tutorials, trainings, and Highest-Good-living example to help humanity become a sustainable civilization. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can we make this more fun/easier/inviting so others want to contribute to it too?
  • How can this positively contribute even more to our local community AND our sustainability and global goals?
  • How can this maximize both my individual and our collective contribution efforts so that they positively affect the big picture even more?

~ Diversity ~

We agree to supporting Diversity. This includes celebrating the beautiful individuality of ourselves and others, focusing on learning from each other, appreciating each other, and co-creating a better future for everyone. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can we think “outside of the box” even more both individually and as an organization?
  • How can this move forward the diversity of all of our core organizational values and our team even more?
  • How can we create and open source share in a manner that will serve and be even more adaptable to diverse cultures, applications, and perspectives?

~ Freedom ~

We agree to uphold Freedom. This includes promoting and respecting personal freedom, individuality, and/or freedom of expression (including the right for non-participation), recognizing that our experiences and perceptions create our personal viewpoints and opinions, and acknowledging and respecting the perceptions of others. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following four key questions:

  • How can we transcend ideologies even more in this case?
  • How can this also respect people’s rights not to participate?
  • How can we ensure this allows every group’s ability to thrive/succeed/create change?
  • Does this respect the freedom of an individual to choose while also supporting the Purpose, Mission, Vision, and other values of One Community?

~ Fulfilled Living ~

We agree to create Fulfilled Living. This includes contributing our skills and the power of our thoughts and creativity to consciously share perspectives and approaches that are positive, empowering, uplifting, and solution-oriented so they enrich and improve the shared environment and collaborative process for everyone. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can this move us towards growth and possibilities even more?
  • How can this enrich the environment or situation even more for us and others?
  • How can this enhance the holistic synergy of ALL aspects of fulfilled Highest Good of All living, even more.

~ Honesty and Integrity ~

We agree to practice Honesty and Integrity. This includes telling the truth, demonstrating maximum responsibility for our own actions and decisions, thinking and acting positively and proactively, and consciously choosing how we respond to things. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following two key questions:

  • How can I demonstrate maximal responsibility and integrity in this situation?
  • How can we create even more proactive and conscientious outcomes for, or movement towards, a better future for all?

~ Love and Connection ~

We agree to approach the living experience from a perspective of Loving. This includes positively and proactively interacting with each other and the world, honoring other people’s feelings, developing our own self-love, and using love as a guidance system. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can this come even more from a for The Highest Good of All perspective?
  • How can this be accomplished with even more compassion, empathy, and caring?
  • How can this be created from a place that is even more possibility-focused and loving for everyone?

~ Personal Growth and Spiritual Freedom ~

We agree to co-creating an environment with maximal Personal Development and Spiritual Freedom. This includes sharing our passions as both teachers and students, participating in the maintenance and evolution of an endlessly unfolding culture of personal growth, and exploring the Human Potential in ways that respects and celebrates all perspectives. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following five key questions:

  • How can we leverage and express the talents and skills of our group even more?
  • How can we demonstrate open-minded, Highest Good of All, free thinking even more?
  • Are we being conscious of all belief systems and acting and creating for maximum inclusiveness?
  • Are we respecting different perspectives and creating solutions for all, including non participants?
  • What is the best way to share the results as an open source resource for the growth of others and The Highest Good of All?

~ Conflict Resolution ~

We agree to maintain a positive and proactive environment. This includes timely, direct, and open communication and feedback using ownership language, asking questions to gain deeper understanding on an individual’s perspectives when differences arise, and using the One Community Conflict Resolution process if needed. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following four key questions:

  • Is there an opportunity to use ownership language and/or the feedback format even more?
  • Who can we agree are the fewest, most relevant, and most appropriate people to resolve this?
  • What questions can I/we ask to gain deeper understanding on the individual’s/group’s perspectives?
  • How can I/we ensure all related communication/feedback is even more timely (as an issue arises), direct (with the person involved), and open (honest, thorough, cooperative, and specific)?



Q: What are One Community’s top values?

Our highest value is living and creating for The Highest Good of All to serve as a model for how to create a world that works for everyone. Secondary to that would be Open Source Progress and Sustainability. While we feel these three values encompass and guide all the others, all the values included here have been identified as equally essential to comprehensively maintaining and evolving these top three.

Q: Why so much? Why not something simpler like “do no harm,” or “honor all life,” etc.?

We consider and support those concepts as common sense and a bare minimum approach to positive living. The One Community Highest Good of All approach is one that goes beyond this, taking massive and ongoing action to create a better world for all life. While this philosophy and approach includes doing no harm and honoring all life, those elements alone do not embody the action and breadth of scope we feel is needed to accomplish goals as significant as ours. Years of creating with the philosophy of “Highest Good of All” has taught us the value of specificity and inclusiveness. Firsthand experience with this and our global goals have helped us refine and clarify each of our values into what they are, adding in and using all the questions above to create clear action-based approaches to these values that also address “for The Highest Good of All” in every situation we have encountered to this point. We’ve also evolved them to address every situation we’ve been able to imagine arising in the future.

Q: How do you know what is for “The Highest Good of All”?

We don’t, our pledge is to do our best and always think and create in a manner that is non-dogmatic, good for people, good for the economy, and good for the planet. We practice a non-dogmatic approach because we understand and appreciate that people have different views and philosophies and we know our way may not be the best way for everyone. Understanding and keeping this in mind, we humbly follow the way we have currently found that seems to best support the happiness and wellness of humanity, creates prosperity for everyone in all demographics, and is also harmoniously regenerative and sustainable for the planet.

Q: How do you resolve conflicts or disagreements about the One Community pledge and/or values? 

We use the values as defined by our organization as the compass for all our decision making to ensure we are always aligned with our purpose, values, and mission; we then factor in the diversity of rich ideas offered by individual perspectives and experiences. The One Community definition of each value can be accessed by clicking on the name of the value above. The associated questions are used for additional clarity whenever needed or considered beneficial.

Q: Why a Pledge, why not just a Creed or Mission Statement? 

The One Community Pledge is a functional tool that provides the same motivation and guidance of a Creed or Mission Statement with many additional benefits too. Born out of years of collaborative decision making and cooperative creation, using this pledge and being clear that we as an organization make decisions based on the values as defined by our organization saves us hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of collaborative decision making time. It has helped us all grow as a team and as individuals too, and we feel this growth and time saved is invaluable to our open source model for creating self-sustainable and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities. For these reasons and many others, we use this pledge and highly recommend an approach like this for any organization or group as a template for your own creation.

Q: What if I think a different pledge would be better? 

We recommend anyone interested in applying this approach use, adapt, or completely change the values we’ve presented here so you can create a clear guidance system that aligns with your own organizational/group/individual needs.

Q: Where can I get more information about your philosophies for world change?

Please take a look at each of these additional pages. Mouseover the icons for descriptions and then click for complete pages.

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Q: I love this, how can I help!?!

Great! Our Helping Page has options for participation for everyone. You can also apply to join our team using these application pages:

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