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One Community Purpose, Mission, and Values


Open source project-launch blueprinting self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities for The Highest Good of All.

To offer non-profit leadership, demonstration, and open source project-launch blueprinting to re-invent the planet as a cooperative of comprehensively sustainable and self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities collaborating for The Highest Good of All.

At One Community our vision is leading the creation of a New Golden Age of cooperation, collaboration, innovation, creativity, peace, and increased happiness for the entire human species by building a bridge between idealism and pragmatism. We do this by demonstrating these characteristics as we endlessly open source project-launch blueprint and build everything needed to create successively more sustainable models for self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities around the world collaborating for The Highest Good of All.


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We believe the most sustainable civilization is one that chooses to operate and live for the highest good of all of its people. This is our overarching philosophy and everything we do, and are working to create, is approached from this perspective because we believe that even a very small percentage of the population choosing to work together for The Highest Good of All has the ability to positively transform the world for everyone. From our perspective, Highest Good of All thinking can be divided into 3 simple values almost everyone learns as children: Care, Share, and Play


At its most basic and foundational level, we think living for The Highest Good of All is about caring for each other and wanting to do everything we can to support the health and happiness of all people and life on our planet. Looking at human and planetary needs we are specifically choosing to focus on Love and ConnectionHonesty and IntegritySustainability, and Diversity as the key foundations of our global transformation in relation to caring. Read more about One Community’s specific approach to each of these here:



Sharing is another value that almost everyone is specifically taught as a child that we feel is truly for The Highest Good of All. Like caring, we think that how a society and culture shares with each other is representative of its desire to work together and help one another. The four categories we consider important and representative of a society and culture that values sharing are Communication, Open Source ProgressContribution, and Consensus Decision Making. Read more about One Community’s specific approach to each of these here:



Play for us means living life as a celebration and supporting helping others to live life this way too. While “play” can mean different things for different people, we have chosen four components of play that we feel are specifically relevant to individual happiness, social wellbeing, and global progress for The Highest Good of AllCommunityFreedomPersonal Growth and Spirituality, and Mindfulness and Fun. Read more about One Community’s specific approach to each of these here:


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