For The Highest Good of All

We believe humanity is ready for an approach to life that focuses on The Highest Good of All and for decisions that support the well-being of everybody. Our contribution to this lifestyle is comprehensively designing, building, and free-sharing an expansion of the green building concept that includes all aspects of fulfilled living, along with a diversity of options for implementation as broad as the perspectives of the people who may want them.


for the highest good of all, green building systems, open source village creation, create the future, the future of earth, defining the golden age, One CommunityThinking and creating for The Highest Good of All is One Community’s highest value and is foundational to our international sustainable development vision. Our intent is to build and demonstrate a model for happier and healthier people, to regenerate our planet, and ultimately to move humanity into a Golden Age of unity consciousness and the embracement of global oneness. Our 4-phase chosen path to accomplishing this is grounded in making sustainability sufficiently desirable by open source and free-sharing our project-launch blueprints to engage enough people in creating self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities so that a “tipping point” of global conscientiousness is reached that positively redefines life as we know it for everyone. The foundations of our approach are comprehensive sustainability covering every aspect of the human experience and the non-profit, open source, project-launch blueprinting of how to duplicate it all. The individual components of this include:






We feel humanity has progressed to the point where we are ready for the next big step forward in the ever evolving human story. One Community is facilitating this with a philosophy we call designing, building, sharing, and living for The Highest Good of All. Our path to accomplishing this is comprehensive sustainability that addresses all aspects of the human experience and open source project-launch blueprinting and free-sharing of how to duplicate everything we do. We believe that creating a more enjoyable and sustainable model of living that is compelling enough, easy enough to duplicate, and readily available will lead to exponential growth of self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all across the planet teaching others how to build self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities too. It is our belief that this has the potential to create a new Golden Age of cooperation, collaboration, innovation, creativity, fair sharing, and provision of resources, peace, and wisdom for all people, everywhere.

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